B2B Upgrades

Given the 24×7 nature of most B2B implementations, the very idea of an upgrade can be daunting for most organizations. Perfaware specializes in upgrade planning and implementations and lead many organizations move up the value chain by enabling them with more advanced features year after year.

Every B2B upgrade is unique and often requires a thorough understanding of the combination of “vendor historic relevance + Industry segment nuances” on top of the procedural aspects that go into accomplishing the upgrades. Our staff had overseen many upgrades that required out of the box thinking. While not all upgrades are equal, these are some of the common scenarios:

  • In place upgrade (typically done on standalone non-clustered nodes for minor version upgrades)
  • Vertical stacking of the new version on the same servers as the current version, but with new set of temporary ports until the migration is done (not recommended)
  • Fresh installation of a new cluster and a thorough migration plan with customer and provider segmentation either by protocol or by line of business.