Data Archiving

Data Archiving and Purging for Sterling OMS

  • My application is running slower than before; Could it be my growing data
  • Why is my Production database growing at this massive rate? How can we curb the data growth?
  • My order purge is implemented and running but I don’t see the orders getting archived. What is going on?
  • I am kicking off the Inbox purge for the first time and nothing is purging. Am I hitting the infamous first-purge problem?
  • How do I roll in a purge with minimal impact to other transactions and business?
  • Where can I view the purge rates and data growth metrics?

Often times in the rush to complete the implementations of the Sterling suite in an over-budget, over-time project data archiving and purging rollout is skipped or short changed. 6 Months or even 2 years down the road we have seen clients faced with these above questions and seeking answers. Our Data Archiving and Purging analysis services was designed with this need in mind to help review your data archiving practices and implement user friendly business compliant purging. For implementations in production with months or years of data this service can help overcome the tricky first-purge problem when a new purge is being implemented. Our experience dealing with purge related problems across customers can help you fast-track your data archiving, curb production data growth and prevent system wide performance issues. Our experts can help you gain visibility into the archiving mechanism with implementing a Purge dashboard to track ongoing purging.