Inventory Visibility in a post Covid-19 world: IBM and Perfaware partner to address this challenge

As the world reels under the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Retail has been one of the hardest hit industries. Retailers and Brands have had to deal with the supply chain challenges, store closings (sometimes with an abundance of caution and often because of government mandates) and frustrated customers discovering empty shelves if only because of stockpiling and hoarding. Healthcare organizations and emergency response teams too are dealing with supply chain and inventory challenges stemming from a shortage of protective and critical life saving equipment.

Retailers with only ship to home capabilities from their warehouses are able to serve their customers in a limited manner but without store fulfillment they are not fully utilizing all of the inventory. Non-essential retailers that offer store fulfillment either via Pickup in store (BOPIS) or Ship/Deliver from store (SFS) are scrambling to handle the flux of online shoppers putting a strain on their legacy inventory management and visibility solutions. Healthcare systems and government agencies are looking to creatively tackle the inventory shortages by bringing onboard new sources of supplies to address their demand for essential equipment like masks and sanitizers.

Perfaware, in partnership with IBM, can help enable emergency response teams better leverage their inventory and supplier network with offers at no-cost or at significant cost savings. For the next 90 days Perfaware is pleased to extend our offers to organizations that qualifies for IBM’s software offer. This will help organizations tackle the most pressing challenge in a post Covid-19 world.

Details of IBM’s offer

IBM is making some of their key supply chain offerings available to businesses at no charge for 90 days. You can get details of IBM’s supply chain offers here. Of those, the IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility (IV) offering is a compelling option to enable organizations to view inventory inside your premises and those of your suppliers to optimally match it with demand from all of your channels. Inventory Visibility (IV) allows organizations to

  • Say “yes” more often to customers
  • Get accurate, scalable inventory views
  • Maximize sell through of inventory and reduce markdowns

Learn more about IBM’s IV micro-service here.

Perfaware’s offer – 3-day Quick-start Assessment and 30-day Starter Implementation pack

3-day Quick Start Assessment details

Perfaware’s experts would help your organization with a 3-day Quick Start service offering for IV which includes

  • Understanding demand and supply landscape for your business
  • Hands-on demo of configurations such as inventory locations and safety stock
  • Hands-on walk-through of available services/APIs for IV
  • Planning a roadmap and implementation schedule for pilot phase and any future phases

This no-cost assessment is applicable for all organizations who do not have a current active Perfaware services contract. Organizations with a strong IT team and a do-it-yourself attitude could then go on to implement IV with no further costs.

30-day IV Starter pack

Perfaware’s experts will help your organization maximize the value of IBM’s offer by implementing a tailored solution with IV in Production. This service offering will help your realize benefits of IV* for 1 supply system and 1 demand channel. Learn more about this starter pack and other IV implementation services by downloading this brochure.

This offering is offered at cost for emergency response teams/healthcare system providers and at a special price for all other organizations. The special price represents a significant discount from our standard prices is only valid for projects kicked off within 90 days (i.e. before Jul 15).

Proven Results in Record Time

Perfaware has been working on IV implementations and projects over the last couple of years. Drawing from our experience and our pre-built assets we have a proven methodology to deliver the IV implementation in a record time so you can quickly deploy these capabilities. Irrespective of your decision to go with just the 3-day Quick Start or the 30-day Implementation Starter pack we will support you to ensure your journey with IV is successful.

“Perfaware is proud to be a trusted partner with IBM, as we all work together to support our global community during this crisis,” says Ranjith Maniyedath, Perfaware’s Managing Partner.  He adds, “IBM consistently demonstrates their commitment to customer success, equality and to community through their initiatives. We were inspired by their rapid response package to help organizations overwhelmed with the pandemic and are pleased to partner to make their offerings a reality our customers”