Operational Support

Beyond routine Application Maintenance to enhance the value of your solution and improve its ROI

  • Do you know the Browse to Cart to Order ratio?
  • Do you know how many order lines processed in Peak Hour?
  • What is the Average GC utilization and how does it compare to the Peak Hour?
  • Why my resource utilization is so high?
  • What is the Peak Hour Response Time and Throughput?
  • How many unique items were ordered during Black Friday?

Operational Support which is our interpretation of the Application Maintenance service line addresses all the above questions and more. They go beyond just the fixing of issues to take on Production Monitoring. The Production Monitoring team works in conjunction with the client team to monitor the performance of the system. Our expert consultants reviews the system logs, review the resource utilizations, review the DB for transaction bottlenecks etc. The Perfaware Team publishes the Health Metrics and provides analysis for any deviations in Key Performance Indicators.