Technical Deployment

Hassle-free Build & Deployment of your Sterling OMS suite

  • How to automate the build and deployment process for the Sterling Application suite?
  • How can we minimize down-time during build /deployments in both non-Production and Production environments
  • Is my build roll-out process streamlined to rapidly move from development to deployment?
  • How do I ensure near defect free builds to my testing teams?
  • Can my system admins be assisted or trained in maintaining the Sterling environment technical stack?
  • My testing team is global and works round the clock. Can I get co-located environment support on a 24*5 or 24*7 basis?

Questions like those above are faced at all implementations of the Sterling suite. Our Technical deployment service helps you get your implementation teams focused on testing and using the application instead of worrying about the build and deployment aspects or tech stack related complexities. We will bring the best practices gained from working with clients to streamline their deployments to make your deployments rapid, defect-free and smooth.

Our deployment experts can take on the full gamut of technical activities spanning the entire tech stack helping your other IT and solution teams focus on their priority tasks. We can supplement your system admins or work closely with them to plan and roll in changes to minimize down times and turn over environments back to the primary users. Our proven automated build validation tools and testing scripts can help you automate the post build verification process to quickly identify any misses in the manual build steps and deliver stable solutions that are ready for end-user testing.