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As a leader in eCommerce, Order Management, and Supply Chain Solutions and Services, we are proud to announce the availability of Perfaware’s B2B Commerce Quickstart – a solution that will help you launch your eCommerce website in just 5 weeks!


Leveraging over 20 years of Industry Experience and the out-of-box Salesforce B2B Commerce platform, Perfaware will enable you to provide your business buyers with a connected, digital channel to order and reorder.


This solution is targeted for B2B businesses who either have other eCommerce platforms or are looking to move from traditional B2B to an eCommerce website.


Authenticated sites including logins for each visitor

Allow B2B business owners to have complete control over the purchases made from their eCommerce site. This authoritative management enables them to offer self-service tools to their customers.

Shopping carts that can accommodate hundreds or thousands of SKUs per order

Two-click reorders to make significant, frequent orders fast and easy

Integration with multiple shipping and payment methods

Businesses often buy supplies and products for different locations at the same time and the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform supports various payment options such as ACH, PO, or Credit Card. This makes it easier and faster for your business clients to get what they need in a way that fits their workflows.

Custom product catalog

Present products systematically to current and potential customers. Custom product catalogs enable you to shop, browse, and add the newest products in just a few clicks.

Customer-specific product pricing

B2B buyers may have access to different prices depending on their contracts. Salesforce B2B Commerce helps to maintain negotiated pricing by account segments

Product Prices Based on Tiered Quantities

Easily set up promotions based on order line quantity to encourage buyers to buy more in one go.

Multiple Wishlists Per Contact

A buyer can add products to a wish list instead of their active cart. Later, the buyer can convert the wish list to an active cart, and continue with checkout.

Guest Browsing

A buyer can add products to a wish list instead of their active cart. Later, the buyer can convert the wish list to an active cart, and continue with checkout.


Faster Time to Market

We can get you started in your eCommerce journey in just 5 weeks! Our B2B Commerce Quickstart will help you increase your customers and revenue by quickly launching an eCommerce website that will allow you to digitize your ordering processes with the best-in-class user experience.

Ability to Scale

Salesforce B2B Commerce is a great way to reach new segments in the market. It helps your organization meet customer needs, grow, and scale to keep pace with demand and be at the forefront of innovation.

Self-Service Capabilities

Most business buyers prefer self-servicing. With SFCC B2B Commerce you will allow your customers to take control of their consumer experience providing them with the ability to quickly and effectively navigate, order or reorder at their convenience. This will also free up your sales team to focus on building and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers

Increased Customers and Revenue

With Salesforce B2B Commerce you can easily add new products to your eCommerce platform. This generates an increase in cart value and quantities for existing customers as well as the addition of new customers

Improved and Uniquely Personalized Buyer’s Experience

Salesforce B2B Commerce offers state-of-the-art marketing tools and Predictive Intelligence that utilize past behavior to predict future behavior. This enables marketers to make better decisions, faster and allows you to personalize your campaigns for both customer segments and individual customers.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Automated ordering and workflows eliminate the need to reconfigure data in independent systems. This reduces the possibility of errors, improves the efficiency of shipping processes, and increases order throughput.

Top of the Line Customer Support

With Salesforce B2B Commerce your buyers can easily review their account, order history and tracking information in a single eCommerce site. It also allows you to display customer-specific products, services and pricing based on the customer login credentials. Through integration with Salesforce Service Cloud you can also implement automated customer support initiatives such as a ChatBot, which not only helps improve customer experience but also reduces operational costs.

Multi-Site Capability

Launching channel-specific or co-branded eCommerce sites is easy with Salesforce B2B Commerce. This capability allows you to offer co-branded websites or microsites for each of your distributors or key clients as well as allow for sites that cater to a specific international audience by presenting content in alternate languages or currencies.

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